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The following bibliography is based on the one proposed by the wonderful Found Footage Magazine:

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  2. Book chapters
  3. Magazines and journals
  4. Articles and thesis reports


Year Title Author Publisher Language Pages ISBN Publisher's website
2020 Reuse, Misuse, Abuse
The Ethics of Audiovisual Appropriation in the Digital Era
Baron, Jaimie Rutgers University Press english 232 9780813599267 link
2018 Archiveology: Walter Benjamin and Archival Film Practices Russell, Catherine Duke University Press english 280 9780822370574
2016 Found Footage
Mouvement cinematographique contemporain
Ganem Müller, Maria Editions universitaires européennes french 112 9783639549157 link
2015 Film Montage Sang-ok, Yu
Miyung-ji, Bae
Ji-hoon, Kim
Coreana Museum of Art bilingual corean & english ? ? link
2015 Remediating transcultural memory: documentary filmmaking as archival intervention Brunow, Dagmar De Gruyter english 263 9783110436372
2014 The Archive Effect: Found Footage and the Audiovisual Experience of History Baron, Jaimie Routledge University Press english 200 9780415660730 link
2014 Sampling Media Laderman, David
Westrup, Laurel
Oxford University Press english 265 9780199949311 link
2014 Cinephemera: Archives, Ephemeral Cinema, and New Screen Histories in Canada Cammaer, Gerda
Druick, Zoë
McGill-Queen’s University Press english 401 9780773544475
2013 Cinema de seconde main
Esthétique du remploi au cinéma et dans l’art des nouveaux médias
Blümlinger, Christa Klincksieck french (also available in german) 392 9782252039021 link
2013 Recycled cinema
Immagini perdute, visioni ritrovate
Bertozzi, Marco Marsilio italian 160 9788831715300 lien
2012 Found Footage: Cinema Exposed Fossati, Giovanna
Guldemond, Jaap
Bloemheuvel, Marente
Amsterdam University Press english 255 9789089644176 link
2010 Alternative Film - Video 2009
Found Footage
Dimčić, Dragan AFC DKSG bilingual english & serbian 208 9788679330628 -
2010 Cine encontrado
¿Qué es y adónde va el found footage?
Bernini, Emilio
Bonet, Eugeni
Bourriaud, Nicolas
Di Tella, Andrés
Félix-Didier, Paula
Galuppo, Gustavo
Listorti, Leandro
Marín, Pablo
Oloixarac, Pola
Oubiña, David
Pfaffenbichler, Norbert
Subero, Sergio
Trerotola, Diego
Wolf, Sergio
BAFICI spanish 125 - link
2010 La casa abierta
El cine doméstico y sus reciclajes contemporáneos
Cuevas Álvarez, Efrén Ocho y Medio spanish 414 9788496582637 link
2009 Kino aus zweiter Hand
Zur Ästhetik materieller Aneignung im Film und in der Medienkunst
Blümlinger, Christa Vorwerk 8 german (also available in french) 288 9783940384096 link
2009 Piedra, papel y tijera. El collage en el cine documental "García López, Sonia Gómez Vaquero, Laura" Ocho y Medio libros de cine spanish 357 9788496582569 link
2009 Metraje encontrado: La apropiación en el cine documental y experimental Weinrichter, Antonio Gobierno de Navarra spanish 230 9788423531172 link
2005 The Memo Book Müller, Matthias Verlag Vorwerk 8 bilingual german and english 280 9783930916764 link
2005 CUT: Film as Found Object in Contemporary Video Basilico, Stefano
Lessig, Lawrence
Yeo, Rob
Milwaukee Art Museum english 115 9780944110652 link
2001 The World in Pieces: A Study of Compilation Films Sjöberg, Patrik Aura förlag english 290 9789162850456 link
2000 Monter/Sampler : L’échantillonnage généralisé Beauvais, Yann
Bouhours, Jean-Michel
Müller, Matthias
Fontaine, Cécile
Oritz, Raphael Montañez
Manovich, Lev
Cornu Anne-Marie
Guess, Jeff
Sanborn, Keith
Köner, Thomas
Chevalier, Denis
Baldwin, Craig
Noetinger, Jérôme
Arnold, Martin
Baruchello, Gianfranco
Lemaître, Maurice
Bianchini, Samuel
Conner, Bruce
Closky, Claude
Oswald, John
de Brugerolle, Marie
Gordon, Douglas
Child, Abigail
Szendy, Peter
Marclay, Christian
Capovolto, Cane
Reich, Steve
Editions du Centre Pompidou french 160 9782844260710 link
1993 Desmontaje: Film, Vídeo; Apropiación, Reciclaje Bonet, Eugeni
Wees, William C.
Wyver, John
Elwes, Catherine
Katz, Joel
Beauvais, Yann
IVAM bilingual spanish & basque 205 9788448201319 link
1993 Recycled Images
The Arts and Politics of Found Footage Films
Wees, William C. Anthology Film Archives english 117 9780911689198 link
1992 Found Footage Film Hausheer, Cecilia
Settele, Christoph
Lawder, Standish
Beauvais, Yann
Child, Abigail
Peterson, James
Solomon, Phil
Wees, William C.
VIPER/zyklop bilingual german and english 144 9783909310081 link
1964 Films Beget Films: A Study of the Compilation Film Leyda, Jay Hill and Wang english 176 9780809013555 link

Book chapters

Year Title of the chapter Author of the chapter Title of the book Publisher Language Pages
Chapter / Book
ISBN Publisher's website
2020 Face, Frame, Fragment: Refiguring Space in Found-Footage Cinema Cameron, Allan Screen Space Reconfigured Amsterdam University Press english ? / 530 9789048529056 link
2017 The image belongs to those who work with it: recycled cinema in Latin America Lerner, Jesse Ism, Ism, Ism / Ismo, Ismo, Ismo
Experimental Cinema in Latin America
University of California Press english, spanish, portuguese ? / 522 9780520296084 link
2015 American Avant-Garde Cinema from 1970 to the Present
Recycled Cinema
MacDonald, Scott American Film History: Selected Readings, 1960 to the Present Wiley-Blackwell english ? / 520 9781118475126 link
2013 L'avenir de la mémoire
Patrimoine, restauration et réemploi cinématographiques
Cammaer, Gerda Johanna Filmmakers as Antiquarians: Adapting and Adopting Found Footage in the Digital Age Presses universitaires du Septentrion english ? / 523 9782757404393 link
2013 L'avenir de la mémoire
Patrimoine, restauration et réemploi cinématographiques
Habib, André Le cinéma de réemploi considéré comme une « archive »
L’exemple de A Trip Down Market Street (1906) et Eureka (1974)
Presses universitaires du Septentrion french ? / 524 9782757404393 link
2013 Intellectual Property in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Archiveology as a Critical Method Maule, Rosanna Whose right? Media, intellectual property and authorship in the digital era Forum english ? / 538 9788884208460 link
2012 Recovering the Hidden Through Found-footage Films De Bruyin, Dirk Carnal Knowledge: Towards a New Materialism Through the Arts I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd english ? / 532 9781780762661 link
2012 The uses and abuses of archive footage Haggith, T. Creative Documentary
Theory and Practice
Routledge english ? / 535 9781315834115
‎ 9781405874229
2012 Found Footage Films and the Lumpensammlers of memory Fierro, Massimiliano L’archivio/The Archive: atti del XVIII Convegno internazionale di studi sul cinema Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese english ? / 537 9788884207173 link
2011 Found Footage Anderson , Steve F. Technologies of History. Visual Media and the Eccentricity of the Past Dartmouth College Press english ? / 525 9781611680034 link
2010 Ethical Possession: Borrowing from the Archives Cocker, Emma Cultural Borrowings: Appropriation, Reworking, Transformation University of Nottingham english ? / 526 - link
2010 Music Videos and Reused Footage Dias Branco, Sérgio Cultural Borrowings: Appropriation, Reworking, Transformation University of Nottingham english ? / 527 - link
2010 A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing- Contemporary Found Footage Practice on the Internet Horwatt, Eli Cultural Borrowings: Appropriation, Reworking, Transformation University of Nottingham english ? / 528 - link
2009 Facing Forward with Found Footage Film Noordegraaf, Julia Technologies of Memory in the Arts Palgrave Macmillan english ? / 536 9780230575677
2007 The Audio-vision of Found-Footage Film and Video Middleton, Jason Medium Cool: Music Videos from Soundies to Cellphones Duke University Press english ? / 521 9780822341390 link
2006 Lumière, the Train and the Avant-Garde Blüminger, Christa The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded Amsterdam University Press english ? / 529 9789053569443 link
2006 The Global Art of Found Footage Danks, Adrian Traditions in World Cinema Rutgers University Press english ? / 531 9780813538747 link
1999 Archival Apocalypse: Found Footage as Ethnography Russell, Catherine Experimental Ethnography: The Work of Film in the Age of Video Duke University Press english ? / 534 9780822323198
1956 Mode d’emploi du détournement Debord, Guy-Ernest
Wolman ,Gil J.
Lettres à Marcel Mariën La Nerthe french ? / 533 9782916862699 link

Magazines and journals

Year Title Number Publisher Language Pages ISBN Publisher's website
2023 Found Footage Magazine 9 Found Footage Magazine english - - lien
2022 Found Footage Magazine 8 Found Footage Magazine english 164 2370000809636 lien
2021 Found Footage Magazine 7 Found Footage Magazine english 148 2370000866592 link
2020 Found Footage Magazine 6 Found Footage Magazine english 176 2370000751409 link
2019 Found Footage Magazine 5 Found Footage Magazine english 180 2370000649713 link
2018 Found Footage Magazine 4 Found Footage Magazine english 140 2370000427458 link
2017 Found Footage Magazine 3 Found Footage Magazine english 148 2370000505484 link
2017 Décadrages 34-36 Association Décadrages french 190 9782970096337 link
2016 Found Footage Magazine 2 Found Footage Magazine bilingual english and spanish 176 2370000315120 link
2015 Found Footage Magazine 1 Found Footage Magazine bilingual english and spanish 160 2370000253910 link

Articles and thesis reports

Year Title Author Journal Number Publisher / University Language Pages Publisher's website
2017 Blurred Boundaries: Remediation of found footage in experimental autobiographical documentary filmmaking Daniels, Jill Journal of Media Practice vol. 18 Intellect/ Routledge english 10 link
2016 La réécriture comme autoportrait: médias, corps et archives dans le cinéma d’avant-garde féminin Panelli, Martina Thesis report - Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis
Università degli studi di Udine
french 324 link
2015 Apuntes para una filmografía: De las prácticas del reempleo (Found Footage o Metraje Encontrado) Fernández, Itzia
Wood, David
Valdez, Daniel
Nuevo Texto Crítico vol. 28
no. 51
Stanford University spanish 20 link
2015 La Imagen dialéctica en el audiovisual found footage: Un hiperarchivo de conceptos visuales Guardiola, Ingrid Thesis report - Universitat Pompeu Fabra spanish 555 link
2015 Art, Documentary and the Essay Film Leslie, Esther Radical Philosophy 192 - english 8 link
2015 Trespassing Hollywood: Property, Space, and the “Appropriation Film” Misek, Richard October 153 The MIT Press english 17 link
2015 Lost Film Found Film Wood, Sarah Thesis report - University of Kent english ? link
2015 Le found footage
réutilisation de fragments de films
Hepp-Hauteville, Sylvie
Le Darz, Jocelyne
Martin, Laure
Saïet, Laurent
- - Bibliothèques de Paris french 28 link
2014 The Invention of Context: Found Footage Filmmaking History and the Imitative Form Glatz, Felicia Thesis report - University of Calgary english 72 link
2014 Remaking History: Jay Leyda and the Compilation Film Nichols, Bill Film History vol. 26
no. 4
Indiana University Press english 11 link
2014 Archives, modes de réemploi. Pour une archéologie du found footage Habib, André Cinémas: revue d’études cinématographiques vol. 24
no. 2-3
Cinémas french 26 link
2013 Direct-On-Found Footage Filmmaking: Mining the Debris of Image Consumption & Co-Directing with Nature Berger, Katherine Scan/Journal of Media Arts Culture vol. 10
no. 1
- english - link
2013 Confronting the Archive: Found Footage Filmmaking, History, and Archival Practice in One Man’s War and The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu Webb Jekanowski, Rachel Shift 6 inter-university project english 20 link
2012 The Archive Effect: Archival Footage as an Experience of Reception Baron, Jaimie Projections vol. 6
no. 2
University of Queensland english 19 link
2012 From Wallpaper to Interactivity
Use of Archive Footage in Documentary Filmmaking
De Jong, Wilma Journalism and Mass Communication 3 David Publishing english 14 link
2012 De espectador crítico a compositor de imágenes. Experiencias de lectura-escritura audiovisual en las prácticas de found footage Mutchinick, Melissa Arkadin vol. 6
no. 4
Facultad de Bellas Artes spanish 5 link
2012 Notas y sketches sobre Found Footage Noriega, Eva Arte e Investigación
Revista científica de la facultad de Bellas Artes
8 Universidad Nacional de La Plata spanish ? link
2012 The Restoration of The Exiles. The Untimeliness of Archival Cinema Russell, Catherine Screening the past 34 - english ? link
2011 The poetics of reuse: Festivals, archives and cinematic recycling in Italian documentary Bertozzi, Marco Studies in Documentary Film vol. 11 University IUAV of Venice english 16 link
2011 Autour de Pierre Falardeau : found footage et réemploi d’images dans le cinéma politique Marsolais, Mathieu Mémoire de thèse - Université de Montréal french 108 link
2010 Cine estructural de found footage 133, de Eugènia Balcells y Eugeni Bonet Alcoz, Albert - - Universidad Pompeu Fabra spanish 94 link
2010 Arousal in Ruins: The Color of Love and the Haptic Object of Film History Gorfinkel, Elena World Picture vol. 4 “Arousal” Issue - english 19 link
2010 El cine reciclado: Found Footage Piñeros, Juan Pablo Creación y Producción en Diseño y Comunicación 35 Universidad de Palermo spanish ? link
2009 Recyclage cinématographique : mode de remploi D’Artemare, Julia Thesis report - ENS Louis Lumière french ? -
2009 Usos, estilos y formatos contemporáneos del audiovisual de apropiación en España Vilches, Gloria Investigación Montehermoso - - spanish 77 link
2009 Story Without End? Found Footage in the Digital Era Walnes, Tilly Movement, the futures of cinema vol. 1
no. 1
- english - link
2009 Arts and Politics of Appropriation Zeilinger, Martin Thesis report - University of Toronto english 326 link
2008 En busca de los archivos perdidos Arthur, Paul Archivos de la filmoteca 58 Ediciones de la Filmoteca spanish ? link
2008 That Reminds Me Of Something: Obscured Referents, Approximate Indices & Counter-Archival Practice Kashmere, Brett The Curatorial Incubator vol. 5 Vtape english 7 link
2008 Reconfiguring Found Footage Film Rannou, Pierre Esse 64 - english / french ? link
2008 How “Found Footage” Films Made Me Think Twice about Film History Thouvenel, Eric Cinéma & Cie Vol. 8
no. 10
- english 7 link
2007 The Horror, Piglet, the Horror: Found Footage, Mash-Ups, AMVs, The Avant-Garde, And the Strange Case of Apocalypse Pooh Mackenzie, Scott CineAction 72 - english 10 link
2007 Apropos Appropriation: Why Stealing Images Today Feels Different Verwoert, Jan Art & Research vol. 1
no. 2
Studio 55 english - link
2006 Génération d'images sur le French found footage de Lastens, Eric
Ronceray, Sébastien
Exploding 10 + 1 Exploding french 12 -
2006 Fragmentation, Found Footage and Fallen Facades: New Austrian Film and Postmodern Anxiety Dassanowsky, Robert von International Journal of the Arts in Society vol. 1
no. 1
Common Ground Research Networks english 6 link
2006 El film de montaje
Una propuesta tipológica
García Martínez, Alberto N. Secuencias. Revista de historia de cine 23 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid spanish 16 link
2006 The use of Archival Footage in Documentary Rhetoric Grue, Amanda Michelle Thesis report - Montana State University english 36 link
2004 Cultures de remploi – questions de cinéma Blümlinger, Christa Trafic 50 P.O.L french 18 link
2004 Shooting the past: Found footage filmmaking and popular memory Bell, Desmond Kinema, Journal for Film and Audiovisual Spring 2004 University of Waterloo, Department of Fine Arts english 16 link
2003 Found Footage as Discursive Metahistory: Craig Baldwin’s Tribulation 99 Zryd, Michael Moving Image vol. 3
no. 2
University of Minnesota Press english 21 link
2003 Films d’archives Beauvais, Yann 1895. Mille huit cent quatre-vingt-quinze 41 AFRHC french 10 link
2002 Montage intertextuel et formes contemporaines du remploi dans le cinéma expérimental Brenez, Nicole Cinémas: revue d’études cinématographiques vol. 13
no. 1-2
- french 19 link
2002 Found Footage: Feminism Lost in Time Heller, Dana Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature vol. 21
no. 1
University of Tulsa english 14 link
2002 Loving a Disappearing Image Marks, Laura U. Touch: Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media Minnesota University Press english 19 link
2002 The Ambiguous Aura of Hollywood Stars in Avant-garde Found Footage Films Wees, William C. Cinema Journal vol. 41
no. 2
University of Texas Press english 16 link
2001 Retours d’images
Débuts du cinema et pratique du remploi
Brenez, Nicole
Raymond, Pauline
Cinegrafie 14 Bologna, Cineteca del Comune french ? link
2000 The Status of Found Footage Arthur, Paul Spectator vol. 20
no. 1
Division of Cinema-Television
University of Southern California
english 13 link
2000 Cartographie du found footage Brenez, Nicole Exploding Special Exploding french ? link
1998 Flowers in the Dustbin: Termite Culture and Detritus Cinema MacKenzie, Scott CineAction 47 ? english 6 link
1998 Forma y sentido en las películas de Found Footage: una visión panorámica Wees, William C. Archivos de la Filmoteca 30 Ediciones de la Filmoteca spanish ? link
1997 Transformations in Film as Reality. On the Virtues and Limitations of Collage Arthur, Paul Documentary Box vol. 6
no. 11
YIDFF english ? link
1997 The Cinema of Difference Müller, Matthias Millennium Film Journal 30/31 Millennium Film Workshop english ? link
1996 The Wise and Wicked Game: Re-editing and Soviet film Culture of the 1920s Tsivian, Yuri Film History vol. 8
no. 3
Indiana University Press english 17 link
1993 Collective Preconscious Atkinson, Michael Film Comment vol. 29
no. 6
Film Society of Lincoln Center english 6 link
1992 The Archaeology of Redemption: Toward Archival Film Sandusky, Sharon Millennium Film Journal 26 Millennium Film Workshop english ? link
1991 From Archive to Archiveology Katz, Joel Cinematograph vol. 4 ? english 11 -
1990 Towards a Minor Cinema Gunning, Tom Motion Picture vol. 3
no. 1-2
- english 4 -
1987 From Dada To Junk: Bruce Conner and the Found Footage Footage Film O’Pray, Michael Monthly Film Bulletin vol. 54, no 645 ? english 2 -
1985 Through Deconstruction to Reconstruction Elwes, Catherine Independent Video vol. 48
no. 21
Bracknell english ? link
1985 Why Don’t They Tell Stories Like They Used To? Wooster, Ann-Sargent Art Journal 45 CAA english 9 link
1981 The Past Restructured: Bruce Conner and Others Warren, Bass Journal of the University Film Association vol. 32
no. 2
University of Illinois Press english 8 link